Thursday, June 30, 2011

Wooden boat construction webcam

This is a new cam we just setup in Portsmouth, NH: Gundalow Webcam

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Boat tries to get out of the way of a gust front

Boat tries to get out of the way just before the wind hits the narrows.

Severe Thunderstorm hits Sebec Lake

That water was whipped to a frenzy!

Steve Rainsford's report from the Narrows:

"Today at approx. 1:45Pm we had a tornado pass down the lake. There were many trees uprooted and topped on the south shore and we have heard also on the north shore. Our small area, 3 properties, lost the tops of three very old pines, uprooted an old maple tree that landed on the power lines,and strewed branches everywhere. The two pines in the Borestone cam will not be there next year as the tops were blown away and will need to be taken down. The top of one landed on our roof and the other went down the lake looking like a mini forest. Steve was out trying to save the flag and was truly nearly blown off the rocks. He dropped the flag that will be seen flapping in the breeze until the storm was over and we could put things back to rights."